How to Save Money on Car Insurance

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For the most part auto insurance rates will always go up. Many factors, such as increased body shop labor, cost increases for parts, medical related cost increases and administration cost will have an effect on your auto insurance rates increasing.  You can lower or keep your rates from larger increases by always being a safe and defensive driver.  If you do not have tickets and accidents, usually your auto insurance rate will not experience large rate increases.   

There are several ways to reduce your car insurance rates.  If you have a young driver still in school, most insurance companies will offer a good student driver discount, based on a good GPA.  In addition, if the son or daughter is away at college over 100 miles, many insurance companies offer a pleasure use auto insurance discount for the student away from home.

Another way to reduce your cost of insurance is you can consider removing the Comprehensive and Collision coverage on an older vehicle.  A vehicle 10 years or older will not hold the same replacement value as a newer car, so it may not be the best choice to continue paying insurance replacement coverage on that vehicle. This is something to discuss during your initial meeting with an insurance agent.

In addition, many insurance companies offer safe driver discounts and organization membership discounts.  You may want to increase your deductible on your vehicle for comprehensive and collision coverage.  You would have self insurance for the higher amount of the deductible, but paying less to the insurance company.

Many insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount.  By insuring your homeowners insurance, condo or tenant policy along with your auto insurance policy, you will usually receive a discount.

Many companies offer a Accident Free Driver Discount and a clean driving record discount, i.e.: no tickets.

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