How to Prepare to Meet with an Insurance Agent

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Buying Insurance is much like a diagnosis from your doctor. In order to prescribe the right insurance plan, we need to spend some time getting to know you and understanding your goals for how you want your insurance program to work for you. Mannarino Insurance Agency, Inc. and our independent insurance agents take pride in making sure that the insurance program you select actually meets your needs. To do that efficiently and effectively, we need to get to know you and the things that are most important to you and your family.  Insurance protects your most valuable assets which is why it’s so important to meet with one of our insurance agents in person, so we can fully understand who you are and what you need.

As a family-owned independent insurance agency in Frederick, MD, we offer you the customer, a multitude of benefits including:

  • Customized insurance policies to meet your unique needs
  • A variety of products from 22 different insurance carriers
  • Pro-active contact, meaning we stay in touch with annual care reviews, new customer follow-ups and claim-loss follow-ups
  • Convenient hours that make it possible to meet with each of our customers
  • A licensed and knowledgeable staff ready to willing to help with all your insurance needs

How to prepare:

It’s always best to come prepared.  So, how do you do that? Make sure to bring a copy of your current Insurance Policy so that you can compare coverages.

When meeting with our auto insurance agents:

Make sure to bring a list of all drivers, including the

  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Year Make, Model and VIN# for all vehicles that need to be insured.

When meeting with our homeowners insurance agents:

If possible, bring the following with you:

  • a current copy of your homeowners insurance policy
  • the address of each property that you will need to be insured and know the year built, square footage and type of construction of your home. ie, brick, frame, siding, etc.
  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • Make a list of interior features, ie: Granite counters, upgraded cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, etc.

Make a List of Questions for your Agent:

It’s important to come to the meeting with questions and to make sure you get all of them answered. The initial meeting with an insurance agent is your chance to fully understand the process and make your needs heard. Take the time to prepare questions beforehand, so you get them all answered before you leave. Whether you are shopping for Frederick car insurance, boat insurance, homeowners insurance or even business insurance, it’s important to fully understand the process and make sure you are clear about what you need and what you’re hoping for in a policy. A few examples of questions commonly asked are:

  • What are the different types of coverage?
  • What does liability do for me?
  • What is comprehensive coverage?
  • Can I lower my deductible?

This first meeting is also a chance to ask about claims service. A few questions we recommend asking are:

  • Is my claim handled by you the agent or a claims adjuster?
  • How many adjusters are involved in the claim process?  We believe that one is always best.  It is always easier to work with one adjuster through the entire claim process.  
  • Can I have my car fixed at any auto body shop?
  • Do you pay for towing from the accident to the body shop?
  • Do you provide a rental car while my car is in for repair?