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I have been referring clients to the Mannarino team for several years now and always impressed with their professionalism and customer service. They respond promptly to my telephone and email inquiries. Mostly thankful to Dorothy Tenney who has helped all of my clients homeowner insurance under strict deadline. She turns around and close all my transactions in a very seamless way. Keep the good work.

Charlie C. Banez

Andrew and staff have been part of my life for many years. He has first analyzed my needs and professionaly set up programs that fit my family and professional life. Through out the years all changes and questions were handled hassle free. Whether it regarded children home or auto when we hang up the phone I know he knows what needs to be done. That is real peace of mind. Thank you Andrew

Brian Strauss

I have been a Mannarino Insurance Agency customer for over 20 Years. The combination of knowledge, customer service and the overall experience have kept me coming back year after year. Andrew and the entire Mannarino team are very thorough in ensuring I am properly insured.


I have been a client of Mannarino Insurance for years and I have confidently referred the group MANY referrals for coverage. They are timely, responsive and attentive to my, and my client’s needs! Definitely, a class act!!

Vincent Petrolle

“Amazing service, great rates. I have been a customer of the Mannarino Insurance Agency for over 10 years. I stay with them for 3 reasons:

1. Service. Nobody beats them. Anytime I have an issue or concern, they not only resolve it for me immediately, but they always follow up to be sure I am happy with the resolution and that things are still working out for me.
2. Price. They are amazing. Without me ever asking, they find me the best rates, and then, during the policy period, they will call me out of the blue and say “we think we can save you a little money on your policy if you make this small tweak to your policy”. This has happened many, many times.
3. Great people. The folks at the agency are like old friends. They always ask about my family, remember me on my birthday and when I call in it is like calling someone I know know for years. They remember my name!”


I have been with Andrew and his Nationwide agency for over 20 years. During that time Andrew and his staff have assisted us after auto accidents and floods. They have given me telephone reminders about (almost) missed payments. They even told me that they wanted to have our property appraised because they thought we were under insured.They were right to the tune of several thousand dollars. Any time I have needed them, they were there with the knowledge and understanding that is vital in crisis situations.


I have been with Nationwide Insurance Agency for almost 20 years. Over the years, Andrew Mannarino has taken care of all of our insurance needs. He handles all of our concerns, without fail, with the highest degree of responsiveness, professionalism and courtesy. Any time we need him, he makes himself readily available to answer our questions, assist us and represent us when we have had to file a claim. He looks out for our best interests and searches for ways to keep our rates down independently. He is not only our insurance agent anymore, he is a good friend of the family. You just can’t find the individualized attention that Andrew provides anymore, it has been a pleasure dealing with him and having him in our corner during trying times, fender benders and damage from natural disasters. I would highly recommend the Mannarino Insurance agency to anyone who is looking for a truly world class insurance agency.

Russell G.